Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tip 173: Enjoy good value.

Cycling is theoretically free. Although having to buy three bottles of gatorade g series [Prime, Perform, Recover!] for every single race, commute, or trip to the shops  means it ain't as free as it was.  :(
The reality is you can only orbit so far from the cash register at the local bike shop before crippling mechanical or status issues send you back into the well-exploited mine shafts of your bank account.
When it comes to cycling a penny saved is a penny earned.  Take bargains when you see them.
BONUS TIP: Bargains are only sometimes socially palatable.
Some things it's better to pay more for:
“This painting cost $25,000. It's an original McCubbin.”
“Our dinner bill was $400! Can you imagine!”
Other things you get plaudits for buying low: a Prada skirt at 90 per cent off; a room at the Hyatt for just $60 a night; a tray of mangoes for just eight bucks.
In trying to figure out which category the Aldi bike falls into, consider that a 21-speed for $99 has much in common with a $400 dinner. Before long they are both going to turn to shit.

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