Thursday, 5 January 2012

Tip 152: Ride in a fog

The essence of hipsterdom is to favour the unpopular over the popular, to preference the niche and to covet the unknown.
In essence, one must like things that are obscure. Eating at this little-known Jamaican restaurant in the “whitest” suburb in Melbourne, for example, or buying this record.
It has become difficult to ride a bicycle in a hipsterish fashion, when so many dorks are out there smiling while riding touring bikes with business socks pulled to mid-calf.
But there is little that obscures so well as a fog. It can be difficult to see your own hand. There is no doubt riding in fog remains one of the simplest and best ways to restore cycling's obscurity, and the hipster chic that has driven it. Sweet relief!

BONUS TIP: As tough as it is to accept, you will need to buy a large, battery driven light of rather dorky proportions in order to accomplish the above.  There's no point being obscure if nobody can see you.  You might as well ride on rollers in your bedroom with the lights out.
And as much as a range of indisputably hip people are dead, the correlation doesn't imply causation.  Get a big fuck-off light and point it where you're going.

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