Sunday, 29 January 2012

Tip 171: Knit your bike something warm.

Bikes have feelings. As much as the anthropo-centric dominant paradigm will deny it, they feel joy and pain as we do. Maybe more.
They hate those cold mornings like the devil himself. But with no mouth, a bike has no way to express their objection to the cruelty visited on them by so-called “higher” beings.
It takes a giant empathetic heart, a true cyclophile, to understand how a bike feels, and to knit one, purl one until their bike is swaddled in finest cashmere.
BONUS TIP: On the road side, locked to a loop, your bike will suffer crushing social stigma if the knitted accessory looks too dorky. Give close consideration to whether they have the chops to ironically rock a “nanna sweater” before making them one.

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