Sunday, 8 January 2012

Tip 154: Ride off a gutter.

“It's not the size of the feature that makes the rider. Its the size the rider makes out of the feature.”
That's what Lenny “gray-balls” Spencer says.
The same Lenny Spencer who jumped his bike off a 44 story art deco apartment block and landed on his top tube. The star of countless internet videos and one of the most popular unintelligible tweeters on Twitter.
The man commands respect not only for the efforts he has made and the price he has paid, but for the strength of his character throughout. If he says jump, you say how high, and in the case of those of you in the urban environment, the answer will come back: 6 inches.
Exactly equal to the ISO 9000 standard vertical drop of an urban gutter in a moderate rainfall region.
It's not the same life-threatening Lenny Spencer stuff that sends the kids into foul hysteria in the YouTube comments section.
<“mashface1992: Fake! GAY!”
“flapjacks_69: Dooood. You have no idea what your talking about, tool! I saw LGBS do this and u cd hear the cracking noise as he landed. STFU!”>
But it is enough to make a swivel chair monkey flare their nostrils with excitement.
BONUS TIP: Tweak the trick enough to make Mr Spencer proud. Pull up on those bars as they shoot out over the abyss, at least until the back wheel has cleared the gap, so you have a microsecond of hang-time. For that moment of flight, shut your eyes. You are flying.  
Open them again soon or you'll get squashed.

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