Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Tip 174: Learn about the awesome power of brands.

Brands. What are they?
Some dead French guys name and a picture of a crocodile. A greek god and a thingo. A couple letters in a particular font.
Somehow the brand has things in it that rub off on us.
Like what?
We do not know. We don't want to know. Instead we talk about stitching, fabrics and engineering.
How does it rub off on us?
By getting the product. Get the product.
Which brands work best?
Which brands cost most?
Is cycling itself a brand?
Aahahahahahaha! LOLSIES! Mwahahaha. Yes.

BONUS TIP: If you want to feel hotter than Joan of Arc and more popular than David Hasselhoff circa 2009, show your nous for cycling brands. Here's the secret hidden trick to all of everything. You don't need to be cycling to deploy the awesome power of brandpower!
Wear a Shimano hat to mow your lawn; put a BMC bidon on your desk; and get Huffy tattooed up your inner fore-arm. People will go batshit crazy for you.

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