Thursday, 12 January 2012

Tip 158: Wrap your shoelaces around your axle.

Employed adults wear shoes without Velcro, elastic or buckles; and shoes that can be put on without a butler demurely and deftly wielding a shoe-horn. As such, longish pieces of string are a necessary evil we carry around on our foot-tops.
But caution. When the end of the string goes around the axle, the consequences can be severe.  Athletes with quads the size of River red gums have had their whole body pulled into the mechanism, in some cases up to the armpits. This is one of the least comfortable ways to lose a leg, survivors say.

BONUS TIP: Upsides: The calf muscles of titanium prostheses come with jaw-dropping definition welded in, and there is no need to shave.

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