Monday, 29 August 2011

Tip 55: Overtake someone who is trying their heart out

They are on the road in front of you. They are getting closer quickly, but it's obvious they're trying. They are out of the saddle and their bottom is wobbling side to side like a dog wagging its tail.
Before long you're right on their wheel and you have to throw their feelings onto the train tracks and run over them like the locomotive you are. Make an excuse for them - maybe they're at the end of a very long ride?
Eyes straight ahead, you do it.

BONUS TIP: Shut your mouth as you pass to make it look like you're not even breathing hard.


  1. If carrying a bottle, take a swig

  2. pause pedalling, eye them over your shoulder, then take off again. ego smash!
    bonus points if they are wearing a team jersey.

  3. bonus points if you're into a stiff headwind, double bonus points for a casual & friendly 'Windy day, eh?' comment. Don't forget to smile, because you are a cycling god(ess) and headwinds mean nothing to you.