Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Tip 151: Reach for your downtube shifters

What's hot right now is Mad Men - the HBO glamfest, not the dangerous and deranged adult males. Along with it comes dapper dressing, gesticualting with cigarettes, brooding at typewriters, downtube shifters and Martinis at five (at the latest).
Carry this retro-chicery into your ride by reaching for your downtube shifters with the hand that holds your cigarette. Watch as the spidery plumes of smoke are whipped away beneath your seat only to emerge behind you like so much cancerous butt-exhaust.
BONUS TIP: As you periodically reach down between your legs to adjust your settings, watch passers-by marvel and swoon. Do not expect the same effect if you try to replicate this off the bike...

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