Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Tip 113: Taco a wheel

There are parts of this town a bike should not go to after dark. 
It's a sad day when we have to say the victim should have known better, but certain places attracts a certain kind of passer-by who think a bike is asking to have their wheel stomped.  
They make tacos out wheels and they laugh in the face of justice. 
Be. Careful. Out. There.

BONUS TIP: Rumours of citizens of this town returning to their bike to find the wheels not only taco-ed but stuffed with beans, jalapenos, spiced mince and sour cream are - the police insist - urban myth.  Leading constable Peta McDonald said in a statement this month that a comprehensive search of non-classified bike crime files provided no support for persistent rumours of a twisted bike psychopath defiling the city's bikes with a cruel parody of one of the globe's tastiest cuisines.

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