Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Tip 114: Budget for a new bike

Half your savings?
Twice the monthly extra data costs on your mobile phone plan?
Fifteen times the cost of those totally sweet, ever so now brogues you just bought?
Every cent you've saved by eating two minute noodles that you actually ate only because you are too lazy to cook properly?
Every cent you'll save by not making it to old age, on account of a life-span shortened by trans-fats found in cheap noodles?

BONUS TIP: If you are bold - go large on your budget.
Take a little bit of debt to buy a bike, you'll have to work to pay it back.
Take a truly massive amount and ride around pleased as punch for a while. Then, when France and Germany suggest you should take a few austerity measures to pay it back, ride around throwing molotov cocktails at public buildings.
Complete the sequence by giving up the currency every one else uses, which will mean you never need to save again...

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