Thursday, 24 November 2011

Tip 127: Use your ears

Like a blind man alert to an intruder, or the BFG hearing the cries of trees cut down, the ears of the cyclist are the source of fear and safety.
The faint hum of the tyres of a SUV rolling up in neutral sends you scarpering for the shoulder, the roar of a truck far away gets you out of the saddle and bolting for the roundabout you know you will not be able to share.
Ears, really, are the hipsters' helmet mirrors.
Swooping bats in a sky of evil portent.
BONUS TIP:  Tinnitus can make you believe you are being attacked by huge flocks of swooping bats, which is not as unlikely as you might hope.


  1. Excellent tip, it's even got to the point where when in the car I feel "shut off" and end up rolling the window down and turning off the radio :-) They are no replacement for a shoulder check (for the rare occasions when another rider is actually going faster then me....;-D) but certainly can tell you a world of information about the idiot behind you on the loud pedal!

  2. and remember, headphones and music and traffic are a bad mix