Thursday, 17 November 2011

Tip 122: Collide with your mate

Friend, lover, team-mate or mother, you think you're on a wavelength but you're not.
You might be in the middle of a conversation about the European Central Bank, or an excellent new cat video when suddenly:

You make a turn it was obvious you both should take; or
They make a turn without warning.

All of a sudden knees are touching, brake levers are scraping along knuckles, someone is squealing like a macaque and if one of you doesn't hit the ground soon, you both will.

BONUS TIP: The remainder of the ride will feel like an 800 mile epic through a landscape of frigid silence, punctuated with sightseeing stops at the sulphuric geysers of fault and blame.

1 comment:

  1. agree with hitting your mate. disagree with the fault and blame .. must be shrugged of with laughter an jeering :)