Thursday, 10 November 2011

Tip 115: Wear a helmet inside

You may *know* you look dorky but subconsciously, you've forgotten. Otherwise you wouldn't have walked in wearing that stupid plastic hat.
No matter what claims are made about the charms of helmets - when you step off the bike, hotness rushes out like air from a thumb-tacked tire.
BONUS TIP: If you thought a Mohawk, a skinhead or a hijab were socially divisive, try wearing a helmet into a hipster bar.  Some tattooed douchebag will start up the helmet debate, and there'll be blood all over the ironic decor before you're able to leave.


  1. Irony: starting a helmet debate and calling names then saying the other guy started it.

    Or did you do that on purpose?

  2. The most delicious flavour of irony is unintentional irony. Served cold.

    You may also enjoy our forthcoming TV show, Irony Chef.