Saturday, 12 November 2011

Tip 116: Get black all over your fingers

It must in theory be possible to change a tire or lube a chain without getting black shit from your fingertips up to your armpits.
Once that sticky combination of oil, dirt and atomised rubber particles is on you it aims to colonise.  It relishes that fact you're on way to meet your new boss, the apparently hot babe from the dating website, and / or your spouse's extended family.
Like an Alien species in a George Lucas movie, it's going to take a major climatic battle with a ton of lasers to claim territory back.
No matter how much of Palmolive's finest you splurt on, no matter how tightly your scrubbing technique is modelled on Doogie Howser MD, John "JD" Dorian or Dr Doug Ross, it will still be there the next day.
BONUS TIP: Touch your face and you'll find - possibly much later - you gave yourself a headstart in Movember, mismatched mutton chops, and a gangster tear-drop tattoo.


  1. As much as you love getting dirty, I find a pair of disposable rubber gloves is a very handy addition to my bike puncture kit

  2. If you are going to use palmolive to wash it off, use the dishwashing detergent straight, rather than the soap.