Monday, 28 November 2011

Tip 129: Rust

Could this be a harbinger of the fall of civilisation? The vibrant ochres of Australia's outback are showing up in its inner city. Is the natural world about to re-claim the metropolises, dark satanic mills, Apple stores, faddish urban ferris wheels, and all?
Ought we be alarmed the ochre is principally clustered around the stems of department store bikes and the chains of old ten-speeds? Is it true this suggests the massing forces of the vast open spaces are employing quotidian locations, much over-looked, even by their owners, as a mobile and most insidious beach-head?

BONUS TIP: Some insist on a fight back, emitting further nitrous, carbon di-, and all the other oxides, until we choke the voracious natural world. Others suggest that is precisely what the forest wants us to trick us into doing.

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