Saturday, 12 November 2011

Tip 128: Name your bike

If it's going to be the envy of cooing onlookers and/or sleep in your bedroom, then sure, name it.
But please, there's no call to dub your bike Jack or Susan or Michael.  Choosing a gendered name can lead to bad puns and confusion centred on "going out with" and "riding."
Bicycle naming is less like choosing a name for your child and more like naming your  ironic eight-piece swing/folk band.
For this reason The Cow, The Ship and The Tank are all acceptable bike names, depending on the machine's colour scheme.

BONUS TIP: Nobler bikes get longer names. If you really love your bike consider naming it something like The Indefatigable Puissance of The Residential Streets, which is not only commands attention and respect, but lends itself to a range of adorable shortenings.

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