Sunday, 31 July 2011

Tip 31: Ride with your dog

When the The Call of the Wild grabs hold of you like some Nietzschean will to power, and you feel the urge to move to Alaska and mine for gold, start to assemble a team of dogs.
You will need beasts powerful in body and strong of heart, and an alpha hound to lead the pack. Sorting out the alpha dog is a process the hounds will take care of.  
After a month, perhaps two, of sleep interrupted by the cruel sounds of natural selection, you will have found your super-dog, red in tooth and claw.   
Commence to tame that dog by an assertion of dominance - affix to it a collar and drag it along on a trip to the shops. 

Cycling with dog

BONUS TIP: Cries of "Mush! Mush!" will not endear you to local animal lovers. Save that for the barren north.

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