Monday, 25 July 2011

Tip 27: Ride a bike that's too big

The gorgeous woman struts across the restaurant, all eyes on her. She doesn't know she is trailing a long strand of toilet paper from under her little black dress.
It flutters behind, getting caught around other diners' chair-legs as she lives in the moment.
So it is with a rider on a too-large frame. 
You are simply delighted to be riding with the wind in your hair.
Sure, you feel the strain in your triceps as you reach for the brakes. And you are mightily aware that top tube will make you a eunuch if you slide forward off that saddle. 
You don't know you look like a 16 year old who got a birthday present to grow into, and you won't really care until that mortifying moment someone tells you.

BONUS TIP: After you get your bike fitted properly, spend several happy years snarkily pointing out ill-fitting bikes all over town.

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