Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Tip 17: Get Gloves

Scene: You, hands in pockets, waiting at lights on a Very Frosty morning.

Fully Kitted Middle-Aged Man who rolls up behind you: Cold hands eh?
You: Hm?
FKMAM: I see you have cold hands!
Y: Oh. Yeah. It is a bit cold!
FKMAM: I don't know how you do it without gloves!
Y: I've been meaning to get some. Mumble.
FKMAM: I ride so much, I've got three pairs, thin, medium and these ones.  I look out the window each morning and decide which ones to wear.
Y: Really?
FKMAM: It's also good if you fall off cause otherwise you'll take all the skin off your palms.
Y: Oh yes.
FKMAM: You should get some.
Y: Sure.
FKMAM: Promise me you really will.  It sounds like you're just saying you will.
Y: *watching desperately for light to change*  OK, OK!

BONUS TIP:  You are going try to burn off FKMAM when the light goes green. Do not fall. Your pride can't take it.

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