Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Tip 87: Ride with no hands

A few things your 14 year old self was proficient at adult you cannot do.
Eating whole packets of skittles is one of them, as is wagging class and having faith in the political system.
In this illustrious company is riding with no hands.
14-year old you depended on this daring display to compensate for the total absence of other ways to impress the opposite sex, as well as to facilitate eating skittles while riding.
The adult cyclist clings to the bars like their jobs, superannuation and home-owning aspirations depend on it.

BONUS TIP: No hands riding is like baking a diamond into your Christmas pudding. You might break a tooth, but you'll feel so much richer.


  1. Black Jack Shellac5 October 2011 at 22:24

    We called it bagging off (assuming that wagging class means bagging off).

    As for riding without hands, I horrified my 5 year old's mother just last week by pedalling up the street with my arms extended wide at my sides. It was exhilarating for this 51 year old.

  2. or you might just look like you think you're too cool for school...i only see boys doing this...hmm.... :)