Saturday, 8 October 2011

Tip 89: Swallow a fly

Good vegans ride round with their mouths shut, but the rest are in danger of swallowing a fly at some point. 
When it happens - gag, cough, spit - remember the green goo in the middle of a fly is 100 per cent protein. If you forgot to pack your energy bars, scooping up a juicy blowfly could power you up the next hill.

BONUS TIP: Try not to get obsessed with finding a spider to swallow next. Who knows where that might end.  

1 comment:

  1. corollary: Get a bee stuck in your helmet.

    Happened to me once on my ride home, bee got stuck in my helmet and stung me. I guess he didn't like the smell of man-sweat in there.


    p.s. Name/URL not working for me anymore. Won't give me a preview window to enter the captcha