Friday, 21 October 2011


100 tips.  phew.

I want to give some shout outs and let people know how the blog is going.  If you are here for lols, please continue to trawl the archives over on the right! ->


To @treadlie for tons of twitter affection
To for the props. Read his blog.
To for comments and lolsies a-plenty
To for swamping the place with traffic from one tiny obscure link in one of his posts. Love. Your. Blog.
To for my first ever RT. made me happy.

To repeat readers: (esp: cubbieberry, Ollinm, robw, lbf, snowgum, sharrowsdc, captainbadbeard, finola, blackjack shellac, ecogrrl) and to those who swing by only once !

It's not a business, just a labour of love, and you make me keep going with the way you keep showing up.  Champions all.


It began in late June, with just five views a day, and has grown to over 100 hits a day.
The busiest day so far saw over 400 page views, after a delightful rush of retweets.

Most popular post so far: Tip 5: Hang onto a tram. (200 views)
Most frequent commenter:Angelina at

Blog Demogs: 41 per cent Australia; 36 per cent USA; 9 per cent UK; 3 per cent Canada; Another 4 per cent from France, Russia, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore and Ireland. 
There have been visits from Monaco, Eqypt, Iraq and, my favourite, Peru. bonjour, salam alaikum, hola.

I've been posting six days a week.  I might dial that down to five to leave more time for riding my bike.  Any other suggestions, leave 'em below!

Deep breath. Another 100 tips coming right up!


  1. Congratulations on making it to 100 tips. I just love your sense of humour! Each tip has given me a good laugh and I look forward to reading the next 100 tips.

  2. Congrats from Guadalajara! ;) Keep those shins scarred. -ollinm

  3. Thanks for shoutout. I enjoy your blog very much! Congratulations on milestone. Look forward to more. Top tip for Aussie cycling in Toronto: ride on the right!