Monday, 10 October 2011

Tip 91: Fall in love with your bike path

It's got some dead leaves on it.
You love those leaves.
There's grass growing through a crack.
You love that grass, and you love the crack for giving that grass a chance.
There is some gravel on it.
You think the right amount of gravel is to the perfect bike path as the right amount of vegemite is to the perfect piece of toast.
It goes under a freeway, which is the finest rendering of the brutalist design theory you can imagine.
It has the *most* delectable series of gentle lefts and sweeping rights.
And sometimes there are birds flying around freely, as though this is a symbolic diorama made by a creator figure, and you a smiling, bicycle-riding creature made of pipe cleaners.
BONUS TIP: Treat that skinny strip of tarmac with respect and affection. Next time you are riding, take a moment. Dismount, sit down, and ask how it feels.  Then listen - really listen - to what it says.


  1. I forgot what it's like to be on a 'path' after biking in the city for so long...sigh...

  2. Yes bike paths can be tricky with all kinds of hazards awaiting the unsuspecting cyclist. In the suburb next door to us there is a bike path that the brown snakes like to warm themselves in the sun on. I don't ride that way now it's spring.

    The bike path I love is the one just down the street. It's about a year old and is so smooth. it does have a few cracks but these are not a problem yet.