Thursday, 2 February 2012

Tip 175: Kick a cat (by accident, of course).

At night, feline senses are tuned to somewhat to possums, a little to rubbish bins, but mostly to other cats they need to fight in glorious sepia slow-motion to win back the love of their life. 
They pay no heed to the gentle hum of Vittorias rolling on asphalt as they patrol the night like ninjas.
So don't worry when a fast moving kitty screams out from under a front fence and gets tangled with your foot at the bottom of your cadence. 
It's just another tribulation they can build into their narrative of redemption.

BONUS TIP: It's an adequate device for the cat masses, but the Scorceses; Coppolas and Von Triers of feline cinema eschew the silent swift bicycle as narrative element. 
Too much deus ex machina; too much like lazy plotting. 
True cat tragedy involves falling from serious height and mysteriously landing on your back...

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