Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Tip 183: Wink madly cause you got a bug in your eye.

You may think you're hot, riding around with your Frogskins tucked stylishly into the top button of your Chambray shirt, but when some filthy, winged thing from the Order Diptera is drowning in your lacrimal fluid, scrabbling its horned feet against your lens as you attempt to extinguish it's vital essence by mashing it with your eyelashes, you'll feel pretty shit. As will any pedestrian enticed by your mad winking to step out onto the road.

BONUS TIP: You and the angry pedestrian might feel bad, but spare a thought for the hundred-odd larvae back at the bug's house waiting for mum to get home and make her famous dung-and-germ pie. They'll be waiting a long time. A long hungry time.

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