Monday, 6 February 2012

Tip 177: Carry an impressively large number of beers.

Passers-by will make eye contact with you, and give you the nod.
If this has never happened to you, you haven't carried enough beers yet.
Once you've balanced a cold couple dozen on your handlebars, you're in the club.
Then when you see someone balancing a slab or better yet, a keg, on one thigh as they pedal up the sunny road one saturday afternoon, you'll give them the nod.
Good job! the nod says. Good work matey. Good one.
They'll feel good. You'll feel good. It's a good club to be in.
BONUS TIP: If you drop your slab, the rules of the club say you have to lick up the spilt beer.
Get your tongue into the cracks in the concrete. Try not to lick the broken glass - unless there's beer on it.




    Also justsayin.

    Glad I didn't drop one, because licking up that swill would be too horrible to contemplate. Broken glass could only improve it.

  3. We both bow at the might that is...