Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Tip 178: Embrace the low effort world of shabby-chic.

Sometimes it's nice to let your beard grow. Rather than stressing about shaving and all.
Fuck the high-effort, high expense world of modern fashion and just let yourself go. It's a minimalistic, environmentally-sound approach
Let your nose hair grow down into your moustache, while your vegemite stains join together until your wardrobe is all dark brown. It won't affect your self esteem unless you decide to let it.
Once you've reached a comfortable equilibrium, start to relax other socially-dictated “standards”.
Don't grease your chain, don't clean your downtube, don't dry off your bike and don't clean off the spider webs.
It's all just an capitalo-aesthetic conspiracy to make you spend more dough on the giant shiny carousel that is the modern bike industry.
BONUS TIP: Well, it worked for Joaquin Phoenix right?

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