Sunday, 5 February 2012

Tip 176: Ride in bare feet.

Seven skin layers, each more tender than the last, guard the fragile red inner world from the hard grey outer world.
Unless your pedals are made of slipper, and unless your power output is more candle than 100-watt globe, the grip on your pedals will bite the tender foot flesh like a turtle nips a curious finger: vigorously.

BONUS TIP:  In this world of carbon soled shoes, pearl izumi elite thermal toe covers, and all manner of capitalo-podiatry, getting the wind into that yucky green-grey region between the toes can be as liberating as getting out on the bike in the first place.
Not only does it dispel the fungi, it evokes the wanderlust and simplicity of a bygone era, when unemployment was stubbornly high, it never rained and all the townfolk did was ride steel bikes up and down the main street, making eyes at the young people they'd have to marry to get to know.

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