Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Tip 141: Don't overtake someone who's slightly slower than you until someone overtakes both of you.

You patiently sit on the wheel of the pudgy elderly lady.
Sure, you could over-take, but that would make her feel bad, and why not give those legs a rest, and it's a beautiful summer's day, and really, its not a race.
These are the buddha-like thoughts you have, right up until someone else goes past.
Suddenly, idling feels infuriating.
You start head-checking and looking for a gap in traffic, revving up those legs for a burst that will not only take you past this slowpoke but close the gap on the show-off who is disappearing into the distance.

BONUS TIP: The cyclist - unlike the enlightened Prince - may find the more trips outside the palace walls they take, the more they encounter slow and suffering cyclists and the less they have Buddha-like thoughts.

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