Monday, 5 December 2011

Tip 135: Catch the rider that passed you at the next traffic light.

You wasted all your efforts, didn't you, you smug bugger.
You might be strong of leg, but you don't know the ways of the traffic signals round these parts, oh no!
It's not all sinew, my friend.  It's also in the mind.

BONUS TIP: Breathe loudly, or flick your brake lever to let the hero know their efforts were in vain.


  1. "I get it, you're running the reds at the pedestrian crossings, and everywhere else, because you lack the physical fitness to stop, wait with everyone else, and then move away from rest. But that's what exercise is, man, moving away from rest... you lazy f#$%..."

  2. Alex - I am guessing this is an internal monologue you find yourself repeating?? I have similar ones for the cyclist / driver/ pedestrian archetypes of my acquaintance.
    I am starting to believe cycling is at least 50 percent silent soliloquies directed at other road users.