Thursday, 29 September 2011

Tip 82 : stop and help

If you see someone up to their armpits in chain grease and confusion, be a good samaritan.

Did you know the Samaritan were a detested underclass? Social outcasts out of the era, expected to be no good ( just like the modern hipster).
BONUS TIP: That's why it's so amazing the Good Samaritan stopped to help that guy carry his cross that day. The good samaritan put the cross in his pannier, and dinked Jesus all along the road to Damascus. Jesus forgave the awful pedalling technique, and they snacked on loaves and fishes, at their last supper together.  Later they parted ways forever. although the Good Samaritan was sure he saw him again on the road three days later.


  1. Very innovative Biblical scholarship here, and a novel interpretation of which characters are which in the new Testamant... :-)

  2. We pride ourselves on innovation here at the urban riding tips offices. Thanks indeed!