Thursday, 22 September 2011

Tip 76: Make someone go "woah"

Many people think a bicycle is like a merry-go-round horse: great fun but not much chop for travel. 
Arrange to meet one of them somewhere far away. Rock in wearing jeans and a knit, and hang your helmet on the back of the chair.
They'll go: "Wait. You *rode* here? woah!"

BONUS TIP: At the end of the event you will have to defend yourself from many offers of putting your bike in a car and being driven somewhere. 
Your duties are two-fold. First, decline all offers, feigning indifference to the weather's inclemency. Second, do not crash on the way home. 


  1. The "woah" factor can be diminished if you arrive perspiring. I went to a software user group meeting like this, took me a few to cool down so I lost some cool points on that.

    It was fun wearing jeans and everyone else was in business casual.

    Was fun doing it once but I haven't repeated...

  2. Now I wonder what kind of caring people offer rides late at night