Monday, 12 September 2011

Tip 67: Fall off for no apparent reason.

One fine day, absolutely nothing will be enough to topple you off that still-uncomfortable perch on the Brooks you paid so much for.  As your carbon triangles skitter away across the black-top like a shuffle on a shuffleboard, you'll be lying on your back seeking perpetrators.  Was it the gentle zephyr, the most peripheral pedestrian, or a half-stoned koala in a near-by gum tree?
BONUS TIP: Don't bother people with this non-story. Falling off your bike is not a magic trick and the lack of explanation will not intrigue.  If you don't concoct a big fat lie full of cause and effect, the narrative vacuum will fill up fast with derision.


  1. those helpful white lines and a healthy rain will provide this opportunity more often then not.

    Just apply a touch of brakes and enjoy the ride..

  2. I love it when not even you know why you fell, perfectly flat terrain and there you are, surprised face and your legs tangled on the bike.