Saturday, 25 June 2011

Tip 1. Ride on the white line

Like Steven Spielberg's cameo in the Blue's Brothers, sometimes little things count.  You might not know the friction coefficient of asphalt, you might not even know what a friction coefficient is, but when you hear your Vittorias rolling on the white line, you'll know you're in heaven.  Sweet silence. But - like a snort of pure columbian - the white line won't last forever.  You'll fall off the straight and narrow and it will be the roughest of come-downs.  But reclaim that white line fever!  Practice pays, and over time that energy saved can be reinvested in other things, like plotting revenge on the dealer who -anyone would agree - is cutting your stuff with too much talc.

Shut your eyes while riding the white line and feel the difference come through the saddle.

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