Sunday, 26 June 2011

Tip 2: Move through stopped cars at intersections

Cycling is a healthy pursuit, and nothing ruins it like sucking on the exhaust of a queue of cheap cars from a time before emissions standards.
The only place to be at an intersection is at the very front, where (if you don't glance in your helment mirror) the cars are hidden from your hawkish gaze.
There may be times you are discouraged. There may be times the traffic is packed tighter than a pannier on the way home from the farmers market.  There may be times you are riding a Dutch bike with handlebars like the wing span of a Hercules C-130.  Do not back down.
The car drivers won't mind.  They are in their warmth capsules only because they crave to be cradled and swaddled as they never were by their mothers.  If, in making your way to a front-of-grid position, you are visible, at their wing mirror, pressed bodily against their tinted window, they will appreciate the human presence they are so starved of, however fleeting it may appear.

BONUS TIP: Pros can take on this mini-labyrinth even as the lights on the cross street turn yellow.

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  1. I would say a corollary tip to this would be, if you can go straight, from the right turn lane, do it. Double if the center lane is a straight/right turn lane. Getting right-hooked is the new zen.