Monday, 26 March 2012


Sorry there's been no posts for a while.
I had a three-week holiday, and stupidly told myself I'd be able to post while I was in another timezone, supposedly relaxing, no problems!
Turns out that wasn't the case.
I didn't get on the job when I got home either.
There's been some time-consuming changes at home (got a dog!) and at work (new role!); but I don't think I'm about to go and register urbancaninetips any time soon, so I hope to resume regular service asap.
Thanks for your patience!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Tip 186: Find a bike festival sprawling all over your normal cycling route

You're trundling along, thinking about the day's events, or the answer to 11-across, or how embarrassing your pedaling technique is, and then you see it: tents. People. Vegan food and bright lights. Shills and men on stilts. Thronging throngs of people in loose knits. A healthy living / bicycle festival has taken over the park you ride your bike through. In an irony so delicious you could bottle it and sell it as a celebrity-endorsed marinade, you are forced to dismount your bike and walk. BONUS TIP: What that irony-sauce would go well with is a serve of hare Krishna curry they sell at gigs like this. Lock your bike and go seek them out. On the way, buy a calico bag with all proceeds going to bikes for Zambia. And look: free One Less Car stickers! See what they did there?